NEW eco builds
The first innovation of engino was the wood connectors, a range of plastic components which allowed wooden dowels of 10x10 mm to connect together without any glue or fasteners. This educational product became an immediate school success as it was the first hybrid system to combine the traditional warmth of wood with the technological capabilities of advanced plastic engineering. This hybrid system forms the basis of the new Ecobuilds series which includes 4 starter sets and 2 advanced sets. The biggest set also includes the geared engino motor for animated models. The use of wood reduces significantly the plastic parts and leads to more efficient recycling making this product an environmentally friendly solution.
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  NEW engino robotics platform
Programmable robots are part of our every day life and our children are the future innovators that will be challenged to take robotics to the next level! The education system world-wide is evolving to incorporate robotics in the classroom so that students understand the fundamentals of this new technology while developing the necessary building and programming skills associated with robotics. At the same time, even at home, children are eager to experiment with robotics and integrate traditional play and fun with the electronics world which has overwhelmed their lives.
Engino Robotics Platform (ERP) is specially designed for younger children and takes into account the most modern
pedagogical principles of learning. With ERP intellectual development is approached as an upward expanding spiral in which children must constantly reconstruct the ideas formed at earlier levels with new, higher order concepts acquired at the next level.
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  NEW pico builds
This new series by engino is an ideal low cost entry to the award winning engino toy system range. The picobuilds series consists of 6 small sets, with each set building a fully functional model with specialized colors to highlight the particular model. Still, the parts are compatible with all other engino parts allowing children to combine sets and build larger models limited only by their imagination!
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  NEW pico spinners
Spinners have always been a favorite toy of children. ENGINO has developed this new series of colorful Pico Spinners, where creativity meets fun! Each of the 4 sets of the Vortex Spinners contain a special spinner support component, a printed color disk and a library of standard engino parts colored with metal pigments. One model can be created from each set and when all sets are combined 3 models of planes and helicopters can be assembled! Instructions for the combination models can be found on engino’s website and more models are uploaded regularly to further enhance the building possibilities.
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  NEW Forces, Energy & Motion
Learn all about Newton's Laws and Energy conversion. Discover the secrets of Motion and Momentum and explore the worlds of kinetic and dynamic energy and how we can convert one form of energy to a different one. The set features 5 fully working models, a dragster powered by an elastic spring, a crash test car, a catapult, a gravity operated fan and a balloon-powered flying plane! A 36 page activity book is included with innovative experiments and detailed explanations of the different technological principles applied! A booklet with detailed building instructions is also included.
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