ALEX THE TIME TRAVELLER - Discovering... cars

Creating the First Encyclopedia Novel Playbook

The ENGINO Philosophy is to teach Technology by
playing. Based on this philosophy the team at ENGINO decided to take this to the next level and create a series of books which combine encyclopedia information with time traveling adventures! The 64 page children’s book has 3 sections, the first section being the illustrated story of Alex who travels in time to meet the inventors of the car. The second section presents the technology behind cars, speed records and the timeline of their development. The third section contains detailed instructions how to build 5 different models of a car while the ENGINO parts are included in the book cover!

  NEW Engino Robotics Platform (ERP)
ENGINO Robotics Platform (ERP) is specially designed
for primary school children taking into account the most
modern pedagogical principles of learning and trends of
technology and robotics. With ERP intellectual development
is approached as an upward expanding spiral in which
children must constantly reconstruct the ideas formed at
earlier levels with new, higher order concepts acquired at
the next level.
  NEW Pico Builds Series
Pico Builds Series is a new product range for 2014 which has a thematic approach with multi model capabilities, covering cars, motorbikes, aircrafts and industrial machines. The parts have new fresh colors and models are optimized for aesthetics and functionality.
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