Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the appropriate age to play with ENGINO?
The ENGINO system has been tested with children with the association of teachers and the department of Education of the University of Cyprus. It has been found that small models can be built even by 5 years old children. Bigger and complex models are more suited to 8-12 year olds, and our robotics and mega sets are targeting both youngsters and grown-ups as being more hobby items.
How is the quantity of parts compared to value for money?
Usually construction toys refer to the number of parts contained in a set as an indication of the set's building value. With ENGINO system this reference does not actually apply because the system is unique and the design of the parts allows multiple connectivity in all directions at the same time. As a result, there is no need for intermediate connectors between rods while ENGINO rods are also connectors! The ENGINO system can be described as a combination of the brick system and the spatial "connectors and rod" system. As of that, with ENGINO to build a model you only need around half the parts that you would require with any other conventional system! Furthermore, as ENGINO parts are bigger, the model is also bigger and more manageable. Parts are not easily lost and sets can combine together to create an infinite number of builds. Because the "number of parts" is actually misleading, we have introduced a new term called "connecting points" that indicates how many connections are possible with the particular parts contained in each set.
How many product ranges do you offer?
We offer 10 series that total to 55 products covering a wide range of price, age and choice.
INVENTOR BASIC SERIEShas been developed for maximizing creativity and imagination. In this range many different models can be created from a wide range of themes, from cars to motorbikes, from planes to cranes, from structures to machines, from animals to robots!
INVENTOR PRO SERIESis the ultimate range and it is more suitable for intermediate and advanced users who literally “play to invent”! The models created with these sets are bigger and more elaborate and also incorporate technical features. The advanced motor included can be powered with the wired remote control, but it is also connectable to the ENGINO Solar panel and the new ENGINO Robotics Platform (ERP).
INVENTOR UPGRADE SERIES has been created to allow users to expand their existing sets without having to buy the bigger sets at full cost. These lower upgrade sets begin from the 20 models set and cover each step up to 80 models set.
SOLAR POWER SERIES uses photovoltaic panels to drive the various models and also have hybrid functions, in-line with the latest technological trends. Global warming and climate change has brought to our attention the need to save the planet by reducing carbon emissions.
MEGA STRUCTURES SERIES demonstrates the ability of ENGINO to build huge models of impressive size and style. The series covers famous structures such as the Eiffel Tower and technological marvels such as the London Eye.
ECO BUILDS SERIES is based on a new innovation of ENGINO toy system which connects sustainable beech wood with plastic. The use of wood reduces significantly the plastic parts and leads to more efficient recycling making this product an environmental friendly solution.
PICO BUILDS SERIES is an ideal low cost entry to the award winning ENGINO toy system. With each set children can build a fully functional model with specialized colors to highlight the particular model.
PICO SPINNERS SERIES is a new range of colorful spinners. Each set contains a special spinner support component, a printed color disk and a library of ENGINO parts. When all 4 sets are combined, 3 models of planes and helicopters can be assembled!
ENGINO ROBOTICS PLATFORM (ERP) is specially designed for younger children and takes into account the most modern pedagogical principles of learning. ERP intellectual development is approached as an upward expanding spiral in which children must constantly reconstruct the ideas formed at earlier levels with new higher order concepts acquired at the next level.
MECHANICAL SCIENCE SERIES has been developed for schools and individuals who want to combine theory with practice. The series deals with the core subjects of mechanics and simple machines in a fascinating and enjoyable way, leading children to the attainment of knowledge through experiments and hand’s on activities. It also extends to cover other important science subjects such as structures, bridges, Newton’s laws and renewable energy.
How ecological are ENGINO sets?
ENGINO pays much attention to the manufacturing and distribution of ecological products. All products are environmentally friendly because they can be recycled. ENGINO offers solar products where the motor is powered by solar panel instead of batteries. We have also launched the award winning series of Eco Builds which is based on a new innovation of ENGINO toy system connecting sustainable beech wood with plastic parts. The use of wood reduces significantly the plastic parts and leads to more efficient recycling, making this product an environmental friendly solution.
Are ENGINO sets compatible with other ENGINO sets?
This is one of the advantages of ENGINO products compared to other brands. ENGINO uses the same library of parts to all products so the parts are compatible with all other ENGINO parts allowing children to combine sets and build larger models limited only by their imagination.
Are ENGINO parts compatible with other building systems?
ENGINO is not compatible with other building systems because this is a new innovative system with different methodology in connectivity.
Is ENGINO used in schools?
Engino is being used in schools in many countries such as UK, USA, Brazil, Israel, Norway and Cyprus, and gradually it is becoming an integral part of the Design and Technology curriculum. In some cases Engino is used for the leisure activities in schools but in most cases it is used as an instructional tool for teaching design & technology and physics. The activity and theory books accompanying the ENGINO MECHANICAL SCIENCE series written by top educationists together with the education department of the University of Cyprus are based on the most recent STEM teaching methodologies.
Can I build more models than those listed in my set?
Actually, this is the difference of ENGINO compared to other brands. We offer instructions of all models related to the set; instructions for some models are given in the printed booklet included in the package while the instructions of the remaining models can be downloaded from our website free of charge. With ENGINO children are not limited only to the models listed in the set. The system is so versatile that always tickles the imagination of children to invent new models. We often receive emails from children showing us their inventions!
What if I lose some parts or manuals? Can I get replacements?
You can buy parts, instructions and books at a very low price from our online shop
Where is ENGINO made? Is the factory audited?
Engino is Made in the island of Cyprus, a full member of the European Union, in our own newly automated factory which is audited by TUV organization certified for ISO9001. The production is undergoing continual inspection and quality control based on the BS6001-3 and ISO 2859-3 standards.
How will my child benefit by playing with ENGINO?
Engino is both an entertaining and an educational choice. Children can play alone or with their family, classmates and friends. Creativeness has no limits with Engino system. Unlike other construction toys, Engino is a long lasting fun toy as children can constantly imagine and build different models discovering new capabilities of Engino system. It has been proved by academics that Engino helps children to develop their analytical and creative skills and acquire significant knowledge in subjects of technology and physics in a playful and enjoyable way.
What is the price range of ENGINO?
Engino offers around 55 different products in a wide price range starting from €1.99 to €150.00
Do ENGINO sets include motor or other new technologies?
ENGINO is the only construction toy which includes motors, solar panels and remote controls in many of the sets while other brands offer such technologies on additional cost. When models are motorized, children are much more excited and can experiment models to learn about various topics of mechanics.
Do you offer any warrantee?
We offer 3 years warrantee to all parts and 1 year warrantee to the motor. If properly used, defective or damaged part is replaced free of charge within the period mentioned.
Is ENGINO better than LEGO, Meccano, K'nex or other well-known brands?
Each construction system features a different concept and delivers a different result. ENGINO is not comparable to these systems as this is a new innovation with significant differentiation in how the parts connect together. It is a simple snap-fit system and no screws or tools are required to join the parts. The basic system consists of only 18 parts that can connect in any direction of the three-dimensional space. The ENGINO parts are bigger than other systems and provide a nice grip for children, while the very small number of different parts leads to a fast learning curve. Models can be modified very easily enhancing creativity and imagination, leading to problem solving not easily achievable with conventional brands. Most building systems are shifting more and more towards realistic models and licensed products and use many specialized parts. In doing so they moved away from the traditional quality of construction toys which meant building endlessly whatever the child can imagine. ENGINO remains focused on these values placing the inherent needs of the young inventor above the major TV and market trends. A way to recognize the creative capabilities of any building system is to check how many models can be built from the same set. ENGINO surpasses all brands in this ability and has launched sets that have instructions for more than 100 models!
Does ENGINO cover any particular subjects taught in schools?
Engino Mechanical Science which is our educational series can teach the subjects of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The above subjects are covered through specialized analysis of 11 different topics of Levers, Linkages, Wheels & Axles, Inclined planes & Wedges, Pulleys, Cams & Cranks, Gears, Screws & Worm Drivers, Structures & Bridges, Simple Machines, Forces Energy and Motion.
Is there a library of teaching material which I can download and use?
Through our website you can download instructions to build several models and get ideas for different constructions. Also through our online shop you can buy all teaching material that we have developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Cyprus and University of Cyprus.
Can I upload my own ideas, models and activities?
Of course we would love to know and share your ideas and creations either through the social network pages of Facebook or by uploading a video on YouTube or simply by taking some photos and sending them to us via email at
Has ENGINO been tested for safety?
ENGINO toys are being tested yearly for safety in independent laboratory and fulfill all safety standards for toys such as EN71, EN62115, PAHs for Europe and ASTMF963-11 & CPSIA for USA.
Has ENGINO won any awards?
ENGINO has received numerous awards from all over the world such as Best Green Product and Best Educational from Dr. Toy from the USA,Most Innovative Toy from Toy Russia Organization and Best Creative Fun from Tillywig Organization.In addition, ENGINO has received the best SME award from the European Commission and the Innovation award from the Industrialist Association in Cyprus.
Does ENGINO hold any patents and other intellectual property?
ENGINO has been developed through years of research carried out by a team of engineers and educators. R&D has been co-funded by State and European Structural funds which award high level competitive research. There are several patents and registered designs already granted on the ENGINO system such US D612,435S, CY2490, CY2532, 201320231425.4, US11/307,229, seventeen industrial designs 000675061-0001 to 17, trademark registrations EU 006698161 and USA number 3516245. There are also other patents pending as well.