The first innovation of engino was the wood connectors, a range of plastic components which allowed wooden dowels of 10x10 mm to connect together without any glue or fasteners. This educational product became an immediate school success as it was the first hybrid system to combine the traditional warmth of wood with the technological capabilities of advanced plastic engineering. This hybrid system forms the basis of the new Ecobuilds series which includes 4 starter sets and 2 advanced sets. The biggest set also includes the geared engino motor for animated models. The use of wood reduces significantly the plastic parts and leads to more efficient recycling making this product an environmentally friendly solution.

Invent, experiment and have fun!

Combine wooden and plastic parts with electrical power in this amazing set of ECObuilds™ MOTORIZED RACERS! Take a friend for an imaginary ride on the retro Side car and let the included motor do the work for you. Rebuild into a Formula model and observe the awesome detail of the engine standing out from the vehicle. Mark a specific distance and count how long it takes for the Formula to complete it. Compare this time with the one from the aerodynamic Dragster model and find out which vehicle is faster. You can find easy-to-follow building instructions for all 3 models in the booklet included.