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Terms & conditions

  1. The ‘________’ Competition is wholly owned and organised by ______, of ______ (‘the Company’).
  2. Participation in the Competition, presupposes the full, unconditional and automatic acceptance of all parts of these final and approved Competition Terms & Conditions.
  3. Participation in the Competition also presupposes that all participants are and must be permanent and legal residents of Cyprus and in possession of a valid Cyprus ID card and number.
  4. The employees of “the company” and its associate partners are barred from participating in the Competition; the same applies for their first degree relatives.
  5. The Competition will be in force from ___ until ___.
  6. Competition prizes:

           6.1. XXXXX

           6.2. XXXXXX

  1. By accepting to receive any of the Competition prizes, winners give full permission to the Company to publicize their names, age and town of residence in promotional activity around the Competition on any media selected, either during the Competition or at any time in the future and on any media, for the purposes of promotion. This promotional activity is not limited the use of their name alone, but may include the use of their image by way of photography or film. The winners further agree to make themselves physically available to attend any organised, or last minute events in any town across Cyprus – including and not limited to: photographic sessions; promotional events; media events and public appearances and any other events requested by the Company for the purposes of the Competition.
  2. Participation in the Competition will be based on completing the survey located at _____
  3. The Competition Prizes are awarded in the condition in which they are found at the time of their delivery to their respective winners and the Company does not bear any responsibility in relation to their quality, suitability and /or their usage. Any warranties given for the prizes are given directly by third parties and /or associate companies who have no formal connection to the Company - such as manufacturers, their authorized representatives.
  4. Competition Prizes may not be exchanged and they may not be redeemed in exchange for money by their winners.
  5. Competition prizes can only be collected in the presence of the winner and with the presentation of his/ her identity card.
  6. Competition winners will be asked a standard skill-based question, by the Company – based upon their general knowledge skills - before they can be completely eligible for their respective prize.
  7. The Company has the absolute right to disqualify any player or prize winner from the Competition and refute their eligibility to win prizes and any other competition benefits, at any time in the case that in its absolute discretion it deems that:

           13.1. There are reasonable doubts as to the genuineness, fair-play and sincerity in any stage of the player’s / prize winner’s registration and / or their progress through any Stage of the Competition.

       13.2. Any player or prize winner fails to fulfill or comply with any of the terms & conditions mentioned elsewhere in this document.

         13.3. Any player or prize winner fails to answer the ‘skill-based’ general knowledge question (see point 12) correctly.

          13.4. Any player / prize-winner poses a valid threat to the reputation and / or good standing of the Company and its activity, through either unreasonable behavior and / or actions towards the Company and / or any of its associates and / or other individuals and / or companies involved with the Company.

  1. Participation in the Competition is not conditional upon the purchase of the product.
  2. All competition prize winners are obliged to participate in person in any public activity of the Company for the award of the Competition prizes and consent to the publication of their names and picture in the mass media without any remuneration. In case they refuse to do so, the prize they have won shall be cancelled and the relevant prize shall be offered to one of the players selected in the ‘reserve list’ who has been randomly chosen by draw and who has answered correctly the relevant questions and who complies with all the Competition Terms & Conditions.
  3. All participants in the Competition agree to submit their correct names, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, ages and towns of residence details and any other reasonable details as required by the Company, as requested at any time by the Company. Failure to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of the player’s entry into the Competition and his / her eligibility for any Competition Prize.
  4. All participants in the Competition agree to their names, telephone numbers, email addresses and any other personal details – requested from them by the Company in the Competition – being entered into a private database of the Company. This database will be used solely by the Company for promotional and marketing purposes of their products and services now and at anytime in the future. This may include and not be limited to the forwarding to any Competition participants in the future of promotional materials, announcements and invitations. In the event that a Competition participant wishes to have his personal details removed from this database, then he / she should contact the Company by telephoning 00357 ______ or email to _______
  5. The Company reserves the right to alter and or recall the Competition at any time. This will be announced to the public through the media. In this case, any claims for Competition prizes - after such amendment and/or recall - shall be automatically made void.
  6. Any dispute that may arise in connection with the Competition will be referred exclusively to arbitration, in accordance with Arbitration law, Cap. 4 and its Appendices. In such a case, only one arbitrator will be appointed and his/her decision will be final.
  7. These Competition Terms & Conditions have been made available to any member of the public through the Competition site on Facebook ‘_______. A copy can be obtained from the Company by phone 00357 ______ or email to ______


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