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Building System

Innovative and Versatile

Our building system is designed to spark imagination and challenge kids of all ages, fostering creativity and critical thinking. Launched in 2007 with just 18 components, we designed a building system to rival the industry giants. Through three years of intensive research and development, we created a patented multi-functional joint system that allows snap-fit connectivity at both sides of a rod at the same time. It was this innovation that has propelled ENGINO to one of the top industry leaders in the category of STEM and Robotics. By working with the ENGINO building system, children can enhance their abilities in these areas and prepare themselves for future success in STEM fields and beyond.

"Engino provides a foundation similar to providing the alphabet to someone who wants to write, allowing them the freedom to create their own structures and designs" Costas Sissamos, Founder & CEO of Engino

Engino's 4 Sub-Systems for All Ages and Skill Levels

1.5+ Baby Qboidz


6+ Classic


3+ Qboidz


9+ Mechanics


Creativity is all about connecting things together...

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