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Become a Partner

Do you have what it takes to inspire the next generation of inventors?

Join the Engino family and become a partner with various options to work together. We welcome companies, organizations, individuals, and institutions who share our passion for STEM education and innovation.

Explore the exciting partnership opportunities that await and join us in our mission to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and advance STEM.

Partner with Engino, empower minds, ignite futures and blend learning with fun! 

Explore a diverse range of partnership opportunities with Engino. Dive into distributing our award-winning products to educational institutions and retailers, or embark on an entrepreneurial journey by opening your own franchise, choosing from various store types, sizes, and scales. Alternatively, consider obtaining a license to unlock the potential for teaching and learning with our innovative products. When you partner with Engino, you'll collaborate with our team of experts, including designers, engineers, developers, educators, and management, to ensure a seamless and successful business operation. 

"Engage children through creative play and empower them to  explore technology, develop critical thinking and acquire key problem-solving skills"

(Costas Sisamos, founder and CEO, 2004)

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