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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with us, unlocking the world of edutainment! With non-stop entertainment and learning, enjoy an explosion of excitement. From soft-play to STEM based activities, robotics, escape rooms, makerspace, interactive exhibits and more, tailor your adventure to suit you and your guests! A personalized package featuring age-appropriate activities for children across all age ranges.


What does the program include?

STEM & Robotic activities

90 min of exclusive STEM & Robotic activities, with an escape room option, facilitated by our expert trainer.

Science & Technology Theme park

45 min of playful learning in our Science & Technology Theme Park with our interactive exhibits.

Food & Drinks

45 mins for the real party, with food and drinks.

Extra Time

30 min extra time can be added at €50.

Which Ages?

We have different programs for every age, from 3-15.

Explore Our Services

All workshops and services offered at ENGINO® STEM EXPLORATION CENTRES are delivered by franchisees who are independent organizations, licensed to use ENGINO®  technologies. Each franchisee is solely responsible for their own operations and on how they adapt and implement ENGINO® technologies at their centre. 

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