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Classroom Sets

A complete ecosystem of solutions

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Pre-School Sets

Engino's preschool STEM Qboidz sets utilize the innovative QBOIDZ system, offering theme-based lessons encompassing animals, sea exploration, modern technology, and more. These structured lessons introduce young learners to Engino's building system, incorporating fundamental concepts of model motorization and manual program creation, providing an exciting glimpse into the world of robotics. The QBOIDZ system seamlessly blends ENGINO's award-winning snap-fit connectivity with stackable blocks, fostering cognitive, social, and motor skill development through creative play. Our sets are sold in a plastic tub which is convenient for classroom storage.

Early Primary Sets

Our early primary sets elevate the learning experience, introducing more electronic components like LEDs, IR sensors, and touch sensors while seamlessly blending Qboidz and classic parts. These sets open up a world of robotic exploration, including solar power applications, enabling students to connect wires, controllers, and manually program their creations. The STEM & Robotics education sets are tailored for students aged 7-9, offers a rich learning experience. Our sets are sold in a plastic tub which is convenient for classroom storage. 

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Late Primary Sets

Step up to the next level with our late primary classroom sets, where students are introduced to the advanced Engino Produino controller, offering expanded capabilities including a buzzer. Beyond robotics, our open projects, solar, and master mechanics sets are versatile for various subjects. Packaged in convenient plastic tubs, these sets are ideal for classroom storage. Tailored for ages 10-12+, our Ginobot education sets cater to a wide range, from quick plug-and-play robotic sessions to high-level coding and electronics. Discover our diverse options for an enriched learning experience!

Secondary Sets

Elevate the learning experience with our secondary sets, where we go the extra mile. Alongside options like the Open Project, Solar, Ginobot and Master Mechanic sets, we introduce the advanced Produino robotic set. This exceptional set offers enhanced programming capabilities, featuring a gyroscope, color sensor, servo motor, and ultrasonic sensor for more intricate projects. Additionally, our hands-on Greenhouse set provides a unique and engaging learning opportunity. Explore the next level of possibilities in STEM education with our secondary sets, mostly conveniently packaged in plastic storage tubs.

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High School Sets

Our extensive selection of cutting-edge sets will raise high school STEM instruction to a new level. A wide range of choices are available, including the Produino robotics set, the Open Project, Solar, Ginobot, Greenhouse and Master Mechanic sets. These kits give students the tools they need to take on challenging robotics and coding projects, with room for extensions and add-ons to encourage creativity. Additionally, our sets provide rich hands-on experiences. Unlock limitless possibilities in STEM instruction for high school students with larger sets that have been carefully arranged in handy plastic storage tubs for convenience and organization.

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