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Grab your safety gear as we work with a combination of traditional tools & modern technology to design and build solutions to real-life problems! This new subject is the evolution of STEM & Robotics as children move away from pre-made systems and Design & Make their own, open-ended constructions. Kids from the age of 7 to 13+ become true engineers as they learn to tinker using a plethora of materials, operate 3D printers and Laser cutters, and use advanced design software and DIY electronics to turn their ideas into tangible masterpieces. 90-minute sessions of making, prototyping, modifying & learning as we follow the steps in the modern ‘Maker Cycle’.

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Makerspace for 7-9 years

Dive into the world of reality and solve problems, learn to identify specifications, design solutions, create protypes, test, evaluate and share your amazing creations with others. Our carefully designed Makerspace projects will captivate your imagination and fuel your passion for hands-on learning. From crafting innovative gadgets to engineering phenomena, our Makerspace projects explore various subject matter as kids not only learn to work with tools and technology but also learn to collaborate, make real-world connections, and develop critical thinking skills. Our meticulously planned Makerspace program aims to provide an enriching and purposeful journey for kids. They will be introduced to traditional tools, the basic principles of 2D & 3D CAD design, adding electronics to their artifacts and bringing it to life, building models such as automated buildings, arcade games and more, using the basic principles of programming.

During this course, young minds are introduced to the micro:bit – a compact, programmable computer that teams up with the ingenious Microsoft MakeCode software. This dynamic duo unveils the captivating synergy between software and hardware. As they incorporate the Micro:bit into their creations, students are introduced to simple programming. They bring models to life, igniting vibrant lights, producing enchanting sounds, and orchestrating delightful movements – all while mastering the essential building blocks of programming. Further to our in-house developed program, we offer a range of additional projects developed by Maker’s Red Box which offers a unique story-based curriculum.

Electronics and Coding

Working with electronics and coding children learn to build and program robots while staying informed about current technological advancements.

3D Printing & Laser Cutter

3D printing and laser cutting is a great introduction to the digital world. The making of 3D objects fosters children's enthusiasm and encourages collaboration with their peers.

Handling Tools

Kids learn how to safely and effectively use various makerspace tools.

STEM Experts

Our STEM experts work closely with each student to assess their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their instruction to meet their individual needs. They use a variety of teaching strategies and resources to ensure that students stay engaged and motivated throughout the learning process. Additionally, our experts work collaboratively with private schools to develop customized curricula that align with their specific academic standards and goals. The STEM workshops we offer are designed to complement students' academic curriculum and provide them with a deeper understanding of STEM subjects. The workshops cover a wide range of topics, including robotics, coding, electronics, 3D printing, and more. They are conducted in a fun and interactive manner, allowing students to explore STEM concepts through experiments and activities that encourage creativity and innovation.

Explore Our Services

All workshops and services offered at ENGINO® STEM EXPLORATION CENTRES are delivered by franchisees who are independent organizations, licensed to use ENGINO®  technologies. Each franchisee is solely responsible for their own operations and on how they adapt and implement ENGINO® technologies at their centre. 

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