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STEM Workshops


The Engino® system has been designed for Teaching Design and Technology, a subject that has now evolved into STEM. At Engino® franchised centres, our expert trainers facilitate learning, by enhancing children’s creativity and through the development of key 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and engineering design. Our unique and encompassing 12-year curriculum for STEM & Robotics, coupled with Makerspace projects, will keep students engaged week after week, from preschool to high school!

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The Right Age

Our programs are developed to support students from Preschool to Middle School.

A Comfortable Schedule

We know how busy you are! Choose between multiple times and days whilst at your FREE discovery session.

Get Recognition

Children are awarded their STEM certificates upon completion of the workshops.



The gamification of the Science Museum has finally been achieved! At Engino® STEM playground, children can spend hours playing with not only Engino® technologies but also experimenting with Science, Biology, Space Exploration and even Dinosaurs! With a soft play area for younger kids and interactive exhibits for older, “learning through play” in a safe environment is guaranteed, either for drop-off visits, birthday parties or school visits. There is always supervision by Engino's trained experts, who can entertain and educate your child through various activities.

STEM Play-Days

Our STEM play days are thoughtfully designed and themed to coincide with holiday periods, including Christmas, Easter, and Summer breaks, providing children with engaging and enriching opportunities during their time off. These special occasions allow children to explore our various workshops during their break and seamlessly integrate a variety of STEM workshops, ensuring that each day is filled with exciting hands-on activities and experiences from Makerspace & Escape Rooms to Robotics and more! 


STEM & Robotics Camp

Set forth on an extraordinary adventure with our well-established annual STEM & Robotics camp for ages 9-14. A stimulating five-day expedition which is hosted at the Rodon Hotel in Agros Village. Our meticulously designed program offers a good blend of engaging activities that combine learning and leisure, ranging from robotics and construction to competitive sports, relaxed swims, and imaginative crafts. As an exciting highlight, we offer an exclusive factory tour, where participants delve into the intricacies of Engino production – a firsthand encounter with the magic behind the scenes! This immersive camp experience not only ignites a passion for science and technology but also cultivates essential 21st-century skills, teamwork, and collaboration.

"All workshops and services offered at ENGINO® STEM EXPLORATION CENTRES are delivered by franchisees who are independent organizations, licensed to use ENGINO®  technologies. Each franchisee is solely responsible for their own operations and on how they adapt and implement ENGINO® technologies at their centre". 

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