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Early Primary Sets

Our early primary sets elevate the learning experience, introducing more electronic components like LEDs, IR sensors, and touch sensors while seamlessly blending Qboidz and classic parts. These sets open up a world of robotic exploration, including solar power applications, enabling students to connect wires, controllers, and manually program their creations. The STEM & Robotics education sets are tailored for students aged 7-9, offers a rich learning experience. Our sets are sold in a plastic tub which is convenient for classroom storage. 

E15.1 STEM Junior Robotics Set

E16.1 - STEM Qboidz & Junior Robotics Set


E20.1 STEM & Robotics ERP Mini Set


E49.1 - GinoBot™ Basic Edition Set 


E50.1 - GinoBot™  Advance Edition Set 

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