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Classroom Solutions

Empowering STEM & Robotics Learning

Educational Ecosystem


The Engino educational ecosystem is firmly rooted in the principles of STEM, the design engineering process, and the maker cycle. Our comprehensive offering includes meticulously crafted building systems, carefully designed curriculum, meticulously detailed lesson plans, and comprehensive teacher guides. These resources are designed to emphasize STEM and Robotics, as well as Makerspace lessons, all seamlessly integrated with our proprietary software applications, complete with our Learning Management System (LMS) for lesson delivery. To empower educators, we also offer a range of teacher training options and certifications, ensuring a holistic approach to STEM education.

Classroom Sets

ENGINO® comprehensive classroom sets cover a wide range of STEM subjects that target all levels of education, from Preschool to High school! The unique building system that drives our solutions is fully compatible at all age groups, designed for increased complexity according to the level of each student. The different subjects of STEM are taught in detail through fun and interactive activities that engage and motivate students to learn by doing while acquiring the 21st century skills of problem solving and critical thinking.

ENGINO73CS4762- Eko Nest  2 copy.jpg


Since the inception of ENGINO®, our engineering systems have powered STEM classrooms around the world, inspiring kids to become the future innovators. The need for better handling and storage of our plastic tubs, along with the requirement for easier mobility has led to the design of specialized furniture that would align and complement our ENGINO® open-teaching methodology. Having as a top priority to meet the highest levels of quality and safety, as well as providing robustness and re-usuability, these pieces of furniture are the ideal solution for a modern STEM or Makerspace classroom!

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