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A unique fun and learning experience for your children!


Select your preferred box from our three age groups: Junior Engineers (ages 3+), Young Engineers (ages 6+), or Master Engineers (ages 9+).

Choose a Plan

How does it work?


Get it Monthly

Experience the joy of receiving a monthly package filled with captivating STEM activities, engaging stories, and more, delivered straight to your doorstep!


Build, Play, Learn

Join Gino and Gina on their ventures, build fascinating constructions inspired by their journey, solve problems, engage in a board game, and record your progress.

Monthly Subscription

Our STEM CLUB Subscription Box line invites kids to join Gino & Gina in their adventure stories, exploring how things work and cultivating key 21st century skills. As part of a progressive theme that has a consistent learning curve, STEM CLUB Subscription Box combines ENGINO’s award-winning physical toys with e-learning programs, board games, activities, stories and crafts.


A Box for Every Age Group

Engineering Design Thinking for little learners!



Join the wild adventure of Gino and Gina, the dynamic twin duo of curiosity! These siblings are all about STEM fun as they jet-set off on globe-trotting adventures and lend a helping hand to our furry friends in the wild in Africa. Prepare for pre-schoolers to be absolutely dazzled by their escapades. With imaginative creations, jaw-dropping animal facts, and epic tales of expeditions!



Get ready to blast off into a world of excitement with Gino and Gina! These two inquisitive twins are on a mission of a lifetime as they explore the fascinating world of rockets and spacecraft at the Engino Aeronautics Space Agency. Their destination? The unknown planet of Megagon, a place teeming with mysteries waiting to be unravelled. 



Hop aboard the time-traveling adventure with Gino and Gina, the dynamic duo who are now pre-teens! These two intrepid explorers have stumbled upon their grandpa's time-traveling contraption and are ready to embark on a journey through history. Armed with a love for science, insatiable curiosity, and an appetite for adventure, they're about to create an abundance of memories built on excitement!

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