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STEM & Robotics

Join our unique workshops and take the first steps in becoming a software programmer, a robotics engineer...or simply an excellent problem solver! Enhance your child’s creativity and critical thinking with our workshops, designed to enable a gradual transition from simple to advanced programming skills, inspiring kids of all levels, from ages 4 to 13+. Through our holistic approach that seamlessly merges play with hands-on learning, kids build functional ENGINO models, carry out experiments to “learn by doing”, and then invent and program their own devices and robots, developing key 21st century skills and engineering design thinking. 90-minute sessions of unleashing your kid’s creativity.

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Workshops for 4-6 years

Introducing our specialized program for ages 4-6 years, offering enriching two-year workshops for our Junior Engineers. This curriculum serves as a steppingstone, boosting kids’ cognitive growth from abstract thinkers to becoming skilled critical thinkers. Children embark on an exciting journey, transitioning from simple one and two-dimensional block stacking to the realm of multidimensional thinking. During these workshops, participants dive into the fascinating world of robotics through our innovative ENGINO Qboidz building system by exploring various STEM topics, building fascinating models, completing activities, and are introduced to our ERP mini controller for manual programming concepts!

Each module is meticulously designed to introduce a variety of age-appropriate themes. Children embark on captivating adventures alongside our story characters, delving into subjects like jungle and sea animals, diverse transportation methods, contemporary technology, forest animals, and farming. Within each module, young learners construct models, following building instructions on our KidCAD™ 3D Viewer app, that align with the theme. Moreover, they gain insight into scientific phenomena, such as the functionality of solar panels, by integrating solar panels and motors into their models, thereby animating them and grasping the fundamental principles at play. Additionally, each module presents manual programming challenges, commencing with single outputs like motor programming and progressively advancing to dual outputs, like LEDs, allowing the creation of manual programming sequences. Subsequently, these outputs are seamlessly integrated into their models, enabling the formation of intricate sequences. The pinnacle of our programming journey introduces FACEBOT, a ready-to-program robot, familiarizing students with advanced programming concepts and primary block-based coding for directional commands. This empowers them to direct their robot's movements, including turning left or right and moving forward or backward. Lastly, each module offers an Open Project, whereby kids use their knowledge gained, to follow the design engineering approach for inventive problem solving. Here, kids research ways to solve a problem, ideate and design their solution, test it, evaluate it, modify it and present it to their peers and among their community!

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Team Work

Children learn to work in groups from a very young age. They communicate, debate, and cooperate.

Introduction to Science

With STEM the introduction to Sciences is done with experiential projects where children actively participate.

Algorithmic Thinking

Hands-on activities teach children to think algorithmically. Mathematics become attractive, encouraging kids to think and analyze.


Kids learn all there is known of the Astrophysical concepts that form our universe and everything in it.


A component of the STEM methodology is problem-solving. Children look for solutions to everyday problems that associate with learned scientific principles.

Arts and Drawing

Through self-expression and the satisfaction of finished artwork, children's skills will develop naturally, and their talent to imagine and create will flourish!

Explore Our Services

All workshops and services offered at ENGINO® STEM EXPLORATION CENTRES are delivered by franchisees who are independent organizations, licensed to use ENGINO®  technologies. Each franchisee is solely responsible for their own operations and on how they adapt and implement ENGINO® technologies at their centre. 

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