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Creative Play

The opportunities are endless with our plethora of parts such as solar panels, motors, gears, technical connectors & more. 

The patented ENGINO building system has evolved to offer

specialized parts for every age group, ensuring an optimal

level of intricacy and dexterity skills. Our expert STEM facilitators will guide aspiring inventors to create their own models, or simply to build and extend models from our huge library accessible from the provided tablets and KidCAD 3D app! Once kids build their models, they can either disassemble them and leave them in our storage boxes, or they can take it home by weighing the parts and buying their creation at a very low cost.

ENGINO73CS4675- Eko Nest .jpg

Creative Play-Days for 4-6 years

Our Junior Engineers are just beginning to explore their physical world. ENGINO's products, like QBOIDZ™, are designed to increase spatial awareness and enhance dexterity skills. These building systems introduce increasing complexity as Junior Engineers grow, transitioning from practical to logical thinking. With our QBOIDZ building system, side-building is possible, adding complexity to the creative process. This complexity activates adjacent neurons not previously triggered and create new neuron connections called synapses.  Our creative play sessions for this age group serve as a transformative launchpad, propelling kids through a journey of dimensional thinking exploration! Kids can explore and build models using their imagination or choose to build one of our 90 models available following instructions on our ENGINO KidCAD™ 3D Viewer App!

Engino vidoe frame grab_0088_Layer 412.jpg
Engino vidoe frame grab_0114_Layer 386.jpg

Explore Our Services

All workshops and services offered at ENGINO® STEM EXPLORATION CENTRES are delivered by franchisees who are independent organizations, licensed to use ENGINO®  technologies. Each franchisee is solely responsible for their own operations and on how they adapt and implement ENGINO® technologies at their centre. 

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