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Educational Ecosystem

A complete solution for all schools and teachers! 

Lesson Plans & Curriculum

Engino's curriculum and lesson plans are meticulously designed, encompassing time efficiency, collaborative engagement, clear objectives, and alignment with curriculum standards. These comprehensive plans are easily navigable with our teacher's guide, enabling educators to prepare effectively for their lessons. Moreover, we offer dedicated student books that complement our structured lessons, ensuring students have the necessary resources to maximize their learning experience. Additionally, we provide selected online curriculum resources, free of charge. Engino's curriculum and lesson plans stand as a well-structured, accessible, and enriching educational tool for both educators and students alike.

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Curriculum Platform

The ENGINO® digital curriculum covers all K12 levels of education, starting from Preschool all the way up to Higher education! The Curriculum is divided into four sections: STEM & Robotics Handbook, Lesson Plans, KEIROTM Software Manual and Models Library. Educators can easily follow the Lesson Plans & ideas to carry out the experiments and also refer to the Handbook for more detailed explanations of the different scientific principles applied. Teachers are guided to engage students in STEM
and Robotics principles in a fun, exciting and interesting way.


• Robotics
Learn how to program a
robot and experiment with
programmable electronics.

• Wheels, Axles &

  Inclined planes

Find out how wheels and axles
are used to move objects and
how an inclined plane can be
used to lift objects.

• Cams & Cranks

Discover how cams and cranks
mechanisms are crucial
elements of many machines.

• Structures:

  Buildings & Bridges

Learn how to build rigid
constructions and experiment
with different types of bridges.

• Solar Power

The sun can provide energy for
all of our needs, however, we
need to convert it to a useful form.


• Levers & Linkages

Discover how levers are used
to increase the force and how
linkages can be applied to
various machines.

• Pulley drives

Explore how pulley drives can
be used to transfer force and
how they can increase force or
speed at amazing levels.

• Gears & Worm drives

Examine how gears can easily
reduce or increase speed,
change force or transfer
motion from one position to

• Newton’s Laws

Discover the three Newton’s
laws of motion and find out
the secrets of energy


STEM & Robotics Handbook

• Theoretical background
• Definitions
• Interesting facts

• Real-life applications
• Mathematical Formulas
• Examples


Lesson Plans

• Teacher’s guidelines
• Introduction
• Learning objectives
• Building process

• Experimental procedure
• Exercises and activities
• Open project ideas


KEIRO Software Manual

• Controller and Peripherals
• Methods of Programming
• Interface and action blocks

• Connectivity options
• Code examples


Models Library

• Theoretical background
• Definitions
• Interesting facts

• Real-life applications
• Mathematical Formulas
• Examples

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