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Robotic Controllers

Dedicated controllers for every task

ENGINO aims to teach kids of different ages all about technology, inspiring them to solve engineering challenges through the creation and programming of robotised models. It is important that each robot is controlled by a device that is designed to match the skills of every age group. By carrying out extensive pedagogical research, our designers have developed a unique controller for every age group that perfectly aligns with their needs. Our innovative controllers have compatibility throughout all ENGINO systems and allow increasing complexity according to the capabilities of each child. All controllers come with a very powerful “heart”, the new ESP32 microprocessor, and have built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


ERP Mini controller

This is our beginner’s controller, but it is inferior by any means! It is used mostly for preschool and early primary aged kids but can be deployed also for advanced programming by older individuals. The philosophy of its design lies on our patented methodology for teaching coding through the gradual transition from practical to abstract. The onboard buttons allow kids to record their program by the simple press of the buttons, helping them realise that programming is just a sequence of events.

There is no need to use a PC or tablet at this stage. Their manual program can be stored and played, but can also be imported into the KEIRO software and converted to a flow diagram. This is the first transitional step from practical to abstract and from thereon kids can either continue pressing the virtual buttons on screen or drag and drop programmable icons to create their scratch-like flow chart. The ERP MINI controller has 4 ports that use RJ connectors, two of these ports can be used for driving motors and lights, and all four can accept sensors such as Infrared and Touch. It has a USB port and is powered by 3xAAA batteries.


ERP PRO controller

This is a mid-complexity controller mostly aiming upper primary and early secondary students. It follows the same design principles as the ERP MINI, by having onboard buttons for manual programming, but it comes with more ports for advanced modelling. Out of the 7 RJ ports, three can be used to connect 3 motors while all 7 can drive different coloured LED’s and accept any sensor from the ENGINO library, from touch to IR to Ultrasound and colour. The onboard buttons include also an “Idle time” option, which can add a timed pause in between the program steps. It is powered by 6 AA batteries but also has the option to connect with a rechargeable battery module, charged via the same USB port of the controller that us used to download the KEIRO program from the tablet or PC.

Produino controller

This controller is the most advanced controller of the ENGINO series. Even though it is aiming for older students aged 15+ it can still be used for younger ones as it shares much of its design with the other controllers and uses the same library of peripherals and KEIRO coding software. It does not have the same style of onboard buttons for tangible programming and instead it comes with a screen and smaller buttons to navigate and select programs.

The most innovative feature of this controller is that it has two microprocessors! Besides the ESP32 of the ENGINO family, it also has built-in the Arduino® famous PCB which enabling DIY electronics! The Arduino® connecting pins are also onboard the device so that in addition to the plug & play peripherals of ENGINO, any other Arduino® sensor and even shield can be connected. The attached breadboard in-between the connectors facilitates the DIY cabling and other components, sourced from the open market, making PRODUINO a versatile hybrid controller that can be either plug&play or DIY or both! It is powered by 6 AA batteries but also has the option to connect with a rechargeable battery module, charged via the same USB port of the controller that us used to download the KEIRO program from the tablet or PC. The PRODUINO has a secondary USB port to be able to program using the Arduino® IDE (C++ language) using either the KEIRO software by ENGINO or any other compatible software.


This is the answer to those that want to program “fast” and avoid the building of models, putting emphasis on coding rather than constructing. Yet, it is still uniquely designed to embed ENGINO connecting geometries on its body, so it can also be expandable with ENGINO parts, facilitating the creation of simple or complex models should at any time the user wishes to take it to the next level!

The expandability of GINOBOT is not restricted only to the creation of models, but it is also mechanical and electronical! The device comes with two RJ ports, allowing an extra motor, lights or sensors to be connected, leading to elaborate robotic models. The snap-fit Cabin of GINOBOT can be easily removed, providing access to its bare PCB which has several mini connectors that via cables can connect to a Micro:bit® , Arduino® and even Raspberry Pi®!  These external controllers can be secured on GINOBOT via an adaptor plate which is connectable on its body. Within this cabin, a rechargeable battery module can also be inserted to bypass the 3xAA batteries that power GINOBOT. The robot comes with encoder wheels and through a smart gearing system it moves as a 4-wheeled buggy. The device comes with a plethora of built-in sensors, an ultrasound at its front, Infrared at each front corner and at the back, two colour sensors at the bottom for line following and 4 programmable LED’s, one at each corner. It can be programmed with the onboard buttons that record front and back movements in steps as well as right or left turns, making it suitable even for younger kids. It is also programmable by KEIRO software installed on a tablet or PC, downloaded via the USB connector or by Bluetooth.


ERP Micro controller

This is the latest addition to the range, and it is the answer to those interested in the “internet of things”! The greatest innovation of ERP MICRO is that it is a very small controller with a built-in motor and 3xAAA battery compartment all in same casing! This saves both space and cost and enables smaller robots to be created as compared to the traditional solutions. It also has two RJ connectors that can accept another motor, lights or sensors for more elaborate robotic extensions. The MICRO comes with a Bluetooth onboard module and can connect wirelessly to any other ENGINO controller, making it a remote wireless “hub” that can be programmed as a single system consisting of several controllers and peripherals. 

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