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Escape Room

Immerse yourself in our uniquely crafted Escape rooms, where the thrill of adventure meets the power of STEAM. At our centre, we take pride in developing our very own Escape rooms that are not only captivating but also rooted in the principles of teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Through engaging challenges and puzzles, participants navigate age-specific scenarios, seamlessly integrating hands-on building experiences using our innovative Engino and other materials. Each specially designed Escape room is themed and presents a unique journey, where unraveling clues and discovering solutions lead you closer to the goal. Get ready to unlock a world of exploration, where every solution discovered is a step closer to triumph!

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Escape Room 4-7 years

Think out of the box with our specially designed escape rooms for young explorers aged 4 to 7. These rooms, such as "Breakout Engino Lab," "Escape Dino Tex," and "Road Safety Heroes," offer an exciting and interactive experience that combines fun with learning. In these rooms, kids can develop essential skills like global awareness, problem-solving, and creativity while having a blast. Each room is thoughtfully crafted to encourage curiosity and hands-on learning. Most importantly, at this age, it encourages curiosity and develops strong teamwork and collaboration skills by working on tasks and quests with peers, reflecting real-world situations. It's time to escape into a world of knowledge and adventure, where young minds can flourish, explore, and conquer the unknown, one puzzle at a time!


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All workshops and services offered at ENGINO® STEM EXPLORATION CENTRES are delivered by franchisees who are independent organizations, licensed to use ENGINO®  technologies. Each franchisee is solely responsible for their own operations and on how they adapt and implement ENGINO® technologies at their centre. 

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