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Engino Software Suite 

The ENGINO® software Suite consists of all available software developed by ENGINO® and is an ideal solution for teachers who look towards an encompassing approach on STEM. Starting with the 3D builder software, kids are empowered to create their own virtual model, practicing early CAD skills along with design thinking and 3D perception. With KEIRO™ software, students develop computational thinking and learn coding by using intuitive block-based programming, which can also advance with text programming. The ENVIRO™ simulator allows students to test their code without needing a physical device, seeing how their virtual model performs in a virtual 3D arena. They can select from a variety of challenges that are not easily actualized within usual classroom setting. With the e-learning curriculum software, all theory, experiments and quizzes become interactive and engage students with inquiry based learning.

Engino Software Suite includes:

engino suite.png


3D Builder


Map Builder



KidCAD virtual
model creator


Custom map
building for

Model 3D viewer,
Remote control
(RC) Apps

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KEIRO™ software 

A key element of any robotics system is the programming software. ENGINO® has developed a user friendly Scratch-like software that allows multiple methods of programming depending on the user needs and capabilities. The robot can also be programmed manually using onboard buttons. This Scratch – like software is used for editing the program and adding complex functions both in flow diagram and in Arduino IDE environment. In addition, KEIRO™ programming platform can be also controlled from smart devices through Bluetooth connection. Compatible with operating systems Windows, MacOS, Linux. Applications are available in Google Play and Apple store.

Easy to program

• Methods to control inputs and outputs
• Fundamental principles of coding
• Parallel programming and synchronous tasks
• Basics of Programming langu
ages like C, C++

The programming ladder


Action Blocks


Flow Diagram







C++ and
IDE Editor

Pushing physical 
buttons on the 

with action blocks

Converting action 
blocks into an 
textual form

Transition to the 
language used in

Editing a code 
using C++ 
commands and 

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Engino Virtual Robotics, EnViRo™, is an innovative tool that enables robots to run into a simulated 3D world! Students can choose a model from the library and use it on any of the challenging environments. They can test their code and optimize, as if in a real-world environment! EnviRo™ is a plug-in to the KEIRO™ software.

Sold only as part of Software Suite.

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EnViRo Map Builder

Using Map Builder, students can create their own custom map by connecting various puzzle blocks and general props such as buildings, trees and more. When their custom map is ready they can use to program the ENGINO® robots inside of it!

Sold only as part of Software Suite.

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map builder.png

3D Builder

Students can easily build their own models and familiarize themselves with the virtual three-dimensional space. This 3D builder software contains a full library of all the ENGINO® parts. Users can select virtual connecting points to construct a model. An ideal tool to teach basics of CAD software such as design, zoom, rotate, explode and implode.

Sold only as part of Software Suite.

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Engino kidCAD (3D Viewer app)

ENGINO is perhaps the only construction system that originated directly from Education. Originally inspired by teachers for the Design and Technology classroom, it evolved to an award winning product which covers from Structures to Mechanisms, Renewable energy and even Robotics Control. The patented geometry of the ENGINO components allows connectivity to all directions of the 3D space with a simple snap-fit method, making it very easy even for children at the age of Primary Schools to build complex models. The 3D model viewer application has been created to allow easy access to new models developed by the ENGINO team and gradually the users themselves. All ENGINO sets have printed step by step instructions for the main models but many additional models can be created. With the new generation of technology where smart phones and tablets have become a part of every-day life, it is essential to enable the users to see new model ideas on these devices. The model viewer has an extensive library of models, continually updated, from cars to motorbikes, planes, helicopters, trucks, cranes and many more! The user can select which model to view and once this is loaded to the application, then the user can rotate the model to see it from various angles, he can zoom in to observe connecting details and most importantly he can explode the model and see how each part connects to the other one.


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Ginobot Robot R‪C app

This application is a remote control for the Ginobot Robot. By connecting to the device’s Bluetooth Access Point you can control the robot using this app.


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EnginoRobot BT™ app

The EnginoRobot BT™ application, available on Google Play or Apple Store, allows students to control the model, record and play a program just as they could do by pushing the physical buttons on the controller. All these can be achieved remotely and digitally! The application is featuring two additional controlling methods, the Joystick and the Tilter.

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