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Professional Engineers Series

After 12, children move into adolescence and as young adults begin to develop abstract thinking. They can use deductive reasoning and follow the Scientific method to test their hypotheses. At this stage, teens can think multiple potential solutions to problems and can be guided to apply the Engineering Design method. Starting from a reallife problem, they will identify constraints, research to gain background knowledge, design their own ideas and use the ENGINO® mechanical parts to develop a prototype which they can test, evaluate and modify. Professional Engineers are mature enough to learn complex coding techniques to program advanced robotic models.



The ENGINO system encompasses an extensive product range, tailored to diverse age groups, facilitating the creation of models, whether simple or intricate, with remarkable efficiency. This is achieved through a minimal variety of components and a significantly reduced quantity of parts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable building experience. Unleash your creativity with our diverse selection of retail sets!



STEM education, a contemporary pedagogical trend, unifies Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in an interdisciplinary, problem-solving approach. Engino's STEM & Robotics education series embodies this philosophy, encompassing Robotics, Makerspace, Mechanics, Physics, Renewable Energy, offering a holistic and practical learning experience. We thrive on inspiring the architects, engineers, and inventors of the future. 



Experience the exciting fusion of fun and learning with our wide range of STEM activities on offer. Visit our STEM centers where a diverse array of hands-on activities awaits. Whether it's workshops, school visits, camps, or STEM parties, the possibilities for exploration are limitless. We're committed to elevating education to the next level of enjoyment!

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers & Inventors
30 million children around the world play and invent with ENGINO since 2004 

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